How clear is the customer value you deliver to your clients?

I teach companies how to leverage their expertise with Best Value Performance

Recognize this?

Are you a sales manager or project manager struggling with

  • high sales cost, low sales conversion rate
  • writing winning bid proposals
  • operations team cannot deliver winning bid proposal
  • too many project deviations mainly caused by your subcontractors
  • getting clients off your back while managing the project risks they have caused


Struggling with making clear to prospects or clients you deliver them Best Value is not what you want: life should be easier for you as an expert vendor.


Here´s the solution

As a certified Best Value trainer and coach I can help you

  • form a  ‘winning team’;
  • making clear to your clients your expertise delivers them Best Value at the lowest cost;
  • prevent clients from micro-managing by being pro active and creating a transparant environment
  • reduce waste by mitigating risks you cannot control, to safeguard your profit and keep your clients happy


I teach sales, bid and project teams

how to succesfully implement Best Value Performance

The companies I coach are expert vendors in construction and IT

They want to learn how to win prestigious bids


They want to show their clients they can serve them best and will deliver them Best Value at the lowest cost with high profit


They want clients to give them more space in doing what they do best

Stand in your power as an expert and get better clients and more of them

Best Value Performance

PIPS is a Best Value process/structure that is licensed out of Arizona State University.  PIPS is based on a foundation of Information Measurement Theory (IMT), and deductive logic.  It is a methodology to identify the best value expert vendor, measure output and minimize risk.  But what separates PIPS from all the other best value systems is that PIPS will even assist the “blind” contractor to “see.”

PIPS is a leader’s dream, and may be the traditional manager’s worst nightmare; it minimizes the actions of decision making, management, direction, and control.

Best Value Performance is not a purchasing trick, nor a sales trick: it is a different way of supply chain collaboration

Best Value Performance is simple

  • Hire smart people, and allow them to demonstrate their expertise.
  • Preplan projects from beginning to end while identifying potential risks and their solutions.
  • Measure performance as well as any deviation from the plan.

The underlying filosophy is this: everything is predictable, when you have all information. The Best Value model consists of 3 phases, the latter is input for the first of the next cycle
As a PBSRG fully certified trainer and coach I can help you adopt a ´Best Value mindset´, so you can deliver Best Value to your environment and verifiably create succes for your clients as well as for your own business.

Best Value Trainer

Anneke van Abeelen is the founder of Best Value Trainer.

With 15+ years of strategical procurement experience in numerous organizations, I found in 2010 the Best Value approach is just what the supply chain needs to, in long term, create sustainable economical growth in a societal responsible way. I was the first person in the Netherlands to use Best Value for a multi-year service maintenance contract.

In 2012 I was part of the core team Best Value Procurement of Ministry of Transport, the leading organization in Best Value in the Netherlands.

In 2012 the Best Value Certification Board Nederland was launched. I was one of the first members (2012/2013).

With experience on 25+ Best Value projects in procurement and sales, I teach organizations in (mainly) construction and IT industry  how to make the Best Value paradigm shift.


Discover how you can clearly show you are the Best Value vendor in written bid proposals


Know how to align your subcontractors and project team members to contribute to winning bids and a succesfull project execution


Learn how to prevent your clients from micro-managing you

Develop skills to stay in a pro-active expert role and build your performance metrics to leverage your expertise

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